Our History

Keeping Killarney Looking Good

The national Tidy Towns initiative was launched by Bord Fáilte, the Irish Tourist Board (now Fáilte Ireland), in 1958 as part of the 'Tostal', a nationwide festival celebrating all things Irish. A step-up from the original National Spring Clean Campaign which ran between 1953 and 1957, Tidy Towns rapidly developed its own identity and has gone on to become Ireland's most well known and popular local environmental initiative.

Killarney has regularly won gold medals, regional awards and awards for best kept large town, and in 2011 won the overall award for the very first time. Since then we managed to retain and improve our high score. The Killarney Looking Good/Tidy Towns Committee is committed to stepping up their efforts, and has seen a great surge in volunteers who are fundamental to the constant upkeep of the beautiful south Kerry town.


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green-leafed tree at daytimegreen-leafed tree at daytime


Our volunteers are at the heart of our efforts to maintain our reputation as one of Ireland's tidiest and most welcoming places to visit. Volunteers meet regularly and take time out of their busy days to pick litter, maintain roads and estates, and ensure the place is spotless year-round.

Volunteer with us

We are always in need of new volunteers to help with our efforts to keep Killarney looking good, and we especially welcome those who are new to the area who would like to meet new people and become part of our vibrant community. Fill out this form to express your interest.